brandon-converyHi, it’s Brandon here and thank you for visiting my site. I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself, and address the questions you are probably asking, like: “Who is Brandon Convery? And why should I listen to what he has to say?”

I’m actually a pretty down to earth guy, who grew up in a middle class home in Kingston, Ontario Canada. My mom was a Nurse, while my father worked at Dupont for 40 years. My parents believed in the importance of hard work and doing things the right way. I grew up with an appreciation for the importance of family, loyalty, hard work and following your dreams. In the 1992 NHL Entry Draft I was selected 8th overall by the Toronto Maple Leafs. Over that period of time I was very lucky to have played for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks and the Los Angeles Kings. Along the way I had the privilege to represent my country Canada and win numerous medals. Because of a serious knee injury, I missed a year and a half and my journey took me over sea’s to Switzerland and Sweden. Finally my career was cut short at 29 years old due to concussions. I have spent my time since retirement focusing on personal development, mentoring and educating athletes and parents around the world. I’m married, have three beautiful children and spend time between homes in Kingston and Los Angeles.

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"As role models and mentors that have 'been there and seen that', your direction and mentoring are the ultimate credibility vehicle for an impressionable athlete. You should know that you are a huge reason he has such the desire to get to the rink to learn and play. Thank you for having such a positive effect on him!"

− Mark from Chicago

"Kyle REALLY liked the hour he spent with you! The first thing he said to me when he got in the car was that he definitely is going to the next session in a month. He went over all his notes and we heard so many positive, constructive and thought provoking notions. I believe you have really struck a chord with him and he feels empowered to improve himself both physically and mentally. I am grateful that he has you as a mentor."

− Debbie

"Brandon I can't thank you enough for giving Riley this opportunity and for having the patience and passion with me the eve before tryouts encouraging us to stay the course. To say Riley is in good hands is a huge understatement and I can't explain enough how comforting it is to truly sit back and enjoy the game and be a fan knowing he has you teaching him this wonderful game of hockey. The off-ice life lessons and character building insight you so freely impose on the kids is invaluable… and as a parent I couldn't ask for a better situation for my son. Thanks a ton!"

− Robert

"Both of my tier level sons have taken the Skills4Kids interactive class with Brandon. This is an excellent off- ice enhancement to the extensive time they spend on the ice. My boys and their hockey teammates commented on how it helped them in identifying and focusing on their 'tools for success'. A great investment…"

− Ken

"Just wanted to say thanks again as Rob owes today's success to your coaching and mentoring over the last three years."

− Jamie from California

"Brandon, thanks for such an amazing season. I had so much fun and cant wait for spring hockey.
I learned so much from you about preparing yourself mentally and physically before a game and look forward to taking that knowledge and applying to the next season and in life.
Thank you again so much for such an amazing experience."

− Lucas

"Brandon, I just wanted to send you a quick note letting you know how much Nico enjoyed your seminar. He talks about you, bits, and pieces about the class everyday. He sat us down and showed us all his notes he took and shared some of your stories with Sal and I. It was great for him to hear what you had to say. Nico looks up to you and hearing what you had to say made his love and desire for hockey even bigger. He truly got a lot of your seminar. Nico asked if you were going to have another seminar… so please let us know if you do."

− Kelley

"Hi Brandon, I would like to thank you for the past 3 years of teaching me the keys to success, I have really started to understand what I need to do to reach the goals that I want to reach. You have taught me that to be successful you have want to reach your goals and want it harder than anything else! Please let me know in the future if you will be hosting any more mastermind series or if there is any local seminars to attend."

− Connor

"Hi Brandon, Over the multiple mastermind sessions I have been to this season, each one taught me how to improve my game in a different way. Whether it was being a leader or learning about the value nutrition, I always took something away that helped me with sports and life. I also learned how to set reasonable goals which I could hold myself accountable to. Mastermind teaches you how to be your best in all aspects of your life not just sports."

− Robbie

"Hi Brandon, just wanted to let you know that Colton loved Master Mind last night. He got so much out of it and was very excited about his future as a goalie and working hard to be a great goalie. Seems like the concepts transfer to so many other things in life. Thanks so much for inspiring him."

− Sydney

"For the first time in her life she feels the passion inside... Thank you so much for everything you have done in this young season!"

− Patrick from San Jose

"Brandon I would just like to tell you I am going to nationals 2 years in a row all thanks to you and making me your project last year.. So I just wanted to text you saying thank you so much for changing my hockey life for me."

− Kaden


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  • Maximize your investment financially as a family.
  • Better grades in school in order to enhance future opportunities through sports.
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  • A credible mentor who has been to the highest level to help guide the way.
  • Learning a proven success philosophy and framework for making my students successful.
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